Parents’ Corner

Parents' Corner

Dear Parents,

Here's to happy school year 2018-2019!

We are always happy to open our arms to new and familiar faces every school year. We are excited to introduce to the new students as well as to continue with the returning students, the Bridges way of learning. We also want to expound on the Bridges' 3Cs- Creativity, Confidence, and Competence.

As it was in the past years, the teachers have prepared over summer the activities that the children will enjoy and learn from. We have worked well with other institutions including DepEd and other progressive schools to ensure your child’s education.

Together with this letter,this website will guide you through a glimpse of what you may expect in Bridges School. May this also keep you updated with activities of your child here in school. We hope that this will help you a lot!


Your Bridges Family

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