Mission Vision Goals


The objective of the school is to make children enjoy learning and discovery, leading to their holistic development. This can be achieved by providing them with appropriate opportunities and experiences. Raising children to be morally upright global citizens and to be life-long learners are parts of this goal too. It is also an objective to involve and educate other significant adults in the learning process of the children.


The school envisions a society where individuals are inquisitive, socially and environmentally aware, and advocates of life-long learning. It hopes that communities become supportive of the quest for knowledge of every person while maintaining respect to individual differences.


 1. To promote learning that is developmentally-appropriate, relevant, and respectful to children

2. To holistically develop healthy, value-laden children who apply their learning to be more productive global citizens

3. To prepare young children to be independent, inquisitive, and critical-thinking individuals who care for themselves, others, and the environment

4. To include and educate significant adults (i.e. family, teachers, caregivers) in fostering further development of the children

5. To ensure that children grow up to be intelligent, compassionate, articulate, and happy individuals.