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Grade School pupils have been exposed to activities that flourish their creativity and confidence step by step. At the beginning experiences that can help the kid think outside the box around the classroom.These tasks allow them to think creatively, beyond arts and crafts. It is more towards a variety of ways in figuring out ways to solve a problem, imagining the story for better comprehension or experimenting to test an outcome. Afterwards, since the foundation has been set well children are confident in what they can do. They become less afraid of challenges, and they are more sure of themselves more then ever! As they move to higher levels, expectation of competence sets in. Pupils are now facing more demanding scholastics tasks that gives them not only knowledge but also understanding of lessons to real-life scenarios are often found embedded in grade school lessons. This is true to our belief-bringing children to life-long learning.
The Kinder class is that of the Grade School Departments as the kids transition from or more playful Preschool classroom to more rigorous elementary levels. Following the DepEd's mandate on K-12 education, the Bridges Grade School promotes activities that are not only academic but also those that encourage critical thinking and application or lesson to real-life situation. We also have activities that will teach the kids lessons and values in life. Which will help them grow as fine adults.
Children are guided for holistic development, through joyful activities, concrete experiences, and appropriate expectations that match their age. Honing their confidence is a top priority for our preschool pupils. We focus on enhancing their self esteem and developing an I CAN DO IT attitude. This way, they will be more prepared to take on bigger concepts and build higher skills as they grow older. In Bridges, Preschool Department is not only about getting ready for gradeschool. It is geared more towards ensuring that the child will have a good foundation of their holistic progress- physically, socially, emotionally, and cognitively.
By 2 years old, children can be expected to express themselves through simple phrases,assert their independence and master their movement in reaction to the space around them. In the Toddlers class, we prepare the child for these tasks. It is never too early to send a child to an educational institution that hones and respects the child's natural development.

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